Mr. Namakkal MGR was born in the year 1957 in the village of Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India. His given name by his family is M. Subramani and his father’s name is (Late) M.V Muniyandi Nadar Avl., and mother’s name is (Late) M. Pushpam.

Mr. Namakkal MGR from his early lifehood is a staunch follower of Dr. Puratchi Thalivar MGR and Namakkal MGR later emanate his style. He became graduate in B.A (Economics) in 1979 studied in Arignar Anna Govt Arts College, Namakkal.He became Chairman of Students Council duly elected by the students of the college. During the annual day celebrations, he received the first prize for his appearance as Puratchi Thalaivar in the stage in Chief Minister get up.For this function Pavalar Muthusami,then PWD Minister attended as a Chief Guest and given the prize money which was duly handed over by Namakkal MGR for the benefit of poor children, which became the first step for his public life.

In the same year, he staged two days hunger strike along with other students, for construction of a hostel for SC/ST students as the old one was in a delapidated condition. Then the building was demolisted and a new building constructed after several visits to Collector by Nmakkal MGR.

After the above, he planned to give stage programmes all over Tamil Nadu depicting Dr. MGR solo songs. He also staged programmes in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

He is a helping hand to poor children from then to now by giving his income. He became the Councilar of 11th ward at Namakkal twice between 1996 to 2006. From his own funds he introduced for collection of garbage from house to house and this method is expanded by the respective Municipality/Corporations all over Tamil Nadu.By this step of Nmakkal, later on Namakkal Municipality was adjudged as free garbage zone by Government by giving ISO 14001.

From 2002 to 2007he started a Unit in the name Puratchi Thalaivi Amma which given training freely to more than 1000 poor girls in the branch of Tailoring.

Along with his friends he produced & directed a film “Idhayathil Oruvan” depicting Dr. MGR in the stages and story strongly condemned volgarity in the stage shows. This movie was released in Tamil Nadu on 1.1.2011.

Street lights in Solar :

Namakkal MGR has recently started a Trust in the name of MGR Narpani Illam and this Unit has joined hands with Malaysia MGR Narpani Illam headed by Mr. R.Damodharan PJK and Advisor Dato Dr. S. Dorairajah, MD(Germany). With the help of these Units, Namakkal MGR has distributed 10 Solar Lights on31/3/2013 to 4 villages at Namakkal, as a part of GLITTERING TAMIZHAGAM. The function was duly attended by above foreign Heads along with local MLA Mr. KPP Bhaskar and District Chairman Gandhi Murugesan.